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“Struggling with weight my entire life especially after my third baby at the age of age 43. I weighed 297 lbs and pictured myself in ten years needing to use a scooter in that my knees would not be supportive of my weight. I had developed a bulging disc and was having troubles with my mobility, I couldn’t reach my feet to put on my shoes let alone play with my children. Suffering with heavy depression by this point. I decided it was time for a change and took a great leap of faith in believing that I could change my life and my relationship with food. I started the journey alone and understood that to be successful I needed support. Recommended by a friend, I contacted Katrina . She supported me in so many more ways than I could have ever imagined. From providing me with super simple exercises to grocery list suggestions and meal plans. She took the time to talk and helped me build a core belief in myself, that I did in fact have a strong healthy muscular body that was ready to come out. When weight loss results lagged Katrina was there asking me questions like “okay so what about increasing your water or decreasing your sleep, let’s look at your diet and what kind of self talk are you engaged in”. She provided an array of creative solution to prompt change and support me with small and manageable weight loss goals. My depression was slowly disappearing while I was building courage and confidence. Three years ago I achieved my overall goal and to this day weigh 150 lbs. My body now brings me great joy in that I regularly play at the park with my children and enjoy the freedom that I otherwise may not have achieved without Katrina’s step-by-step approach and cheerleading. In many ways I feel I owe my life to Katrina as without her support I might have I might still be struggling most basic daily living, instead I am free to be self and enjoy life again without restrictions. Thank you Katrina!”

Jen M

“Just love her. I have struggled with my weight since my teenage years. I have tried so many different diets to lose weight my entire life. Most of them didn’t work and the ones that did I gained all the weight back after stopping the diet. Katrina helped me understand what healthy eating habits were, what foods are good, how to read ingredients and labels, to understand what are chemicals and fillers. She explained the affect of food in the body for optimal health. It’s a way of life not a diet. I am currently feeling amazing, healthy and the thinnest I have ever been. Losing 16 lbs with 17 lbs to more to go to reach my goal.”

Venetia Candell

“I began my journey with Katrina as a skeptic to yoga. In my first meeting with Katrina I shared with her how I felt disconnected from my body and that I had a great desire to change to find connectedness and a greater sense of well-being. She taught me yoga poses and sequences specific to my physical and emotional needs. The work I did with Katrina helped open a new chapter in my life, one with greater feelings of well-being, healing self compassion. Plane and simple self-love, as she would put it. Her positive attitude was contagious which gave me the encouragement to understand that I have the Power Within Myself to repair and restore and bring new meaning and focus to my life.”

Katie Vlahopakakis

“I’m so thankful for my connection with Katrina. I first met Katrina while seeking support with developing overall Wellness. Recently I contracted an STI herpes 2 to be exact. Upon learning this I felt that my life and entire world was destroyed. I felt alone, scared and entered a state of distress. When I told Katrina about my problem her empathy and care brought me much comfort among my tears. She helped me to see that I was not alone and that there were Solutions that would enable me to live a normal life. She counselled me in communicating with my partner and to see that I could control this infection. To be safe and keep my partner safe. What I appreciated most was the holistic approach Katrina offered. She truly attended to me in a way that no one else could helping me throughout the process of healing and helping me to plan into the future as to preventative measures and limiting recurrence. She took away the taboo and I was so grateful to have someone that I could speak with openly honestly without judgment and gave me much comfort at a time where I felt I had no one to talk to and nowhere to turn I needed someone I could trust to help me.”


”Katrina has providing me with skills to make healthy eating choices. How to grocery shop and read labels understanding additives and their negatives affects on my health.”

Albert Chang

“Pulled a few muscles playing gulf. Katrina was able to help me alleviate the pain by suggesting hot patches, cbd oil and high dose supplements but what really helped was the stretching exercises. They were deep and useful and not like the stretches I am familiar with”
I highly recommend Holistic Vita!