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Living A Holistic Lifestyle

Living A Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic lifestyle Health is about more than just a healthy diet and exercise. It’s about looking at the whole body, mind, soul and environment as an entire conducive machine. One can not maintain optimal well-being if one dismisses one of these aspects of holistic health.

In today’s world we are bombarded with marketing and big corporations in pharma, food, skin and beauty industries pushing their products, all to make money which doesn’t equal to healing the sick or lessen the necessity of using their products… Hey, I am all about capitalism but not when it comes to my whole body health. Maybe there should be disclaimers warning consumers of this very manipulation but that would defeat the money making business intent. You know what they say. You can not control others but you can control yourself and how you react. And as cliche as this might sound. You must take control of your entire well-being!

We start by bringing awareness to our entire well being by understanding that we are a body with an energy soul that which every cell and organ vibrates and sings that connects to our conscious/subconscious (mind) which connects with our physical body to make this incredible person called you. By this we lay the foundation of mindful living. One can then understand what it means to eat a whole food diet, be physically inclined, learn, meditate, declutter our inner and outer environment, the importance of supportive and inspiring relationships, source non toxic products and be aware of the collective energy we share in this universe.

The six aspects of life that promote holistic lifestyle health are;

Energy Soul – this is not an easy concept for most of us to truly understand however connecting with your soul involves one to look inward. Various spiritual practices help one gain better insight of their source energy. To name a few but not all; praying, yoga, tai chi, qigong, kabbalah, kundalini, meditation, consciously connecting to source, singing/chanting, earthing, painting, connecting through religion and community, studying metaphysics, sound frequency therapy, playing in a playground and yes an adult playing as an uninhabited child helps one connect with their inner child inducing a seamless introduction to one’s source energy.

Physical Movements – this life aspect is obvious to us all why it’s important to overall health. I would like to be more specific with regards to the type of physical movement. Walking and weight bearing exercises are my top types of physical movements because both will detoxify your nervous system therefore strengthening your immune system. The nervous system is the conductor in our body that is connected to the brain gut axis. Making this system most important and conducive to holistic health.

Healthy Food Choices –  consumption is so important and it is more than just healthy food decision making, it’s consumption via our 5 basic senses ( sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and we do this with our external and internal skin, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair, and all open extremities) what we put on or in our bodies, what we see hear and smell are all being absorbed into our entire body! We must start with a mindful attitude, learn about food and skin care product additives, stay away from processed foods, drink clean fresh water, eat a whole food diet with fermented foods, variety and proper food combining, listen to frequency sounds to realign body-mind-soul vibration and frequency, limit tv, limit MSM, limit time spent on social media, limit time in front of electronics and wifi exposure and learning to read all ingredients in all products you consume as well as what’s in the cleaning products and air fresheners we use. Mindful healthy consumption will holistically support and protect of the mind, body and soul.

Relationships – it’s all about peace and harmony and the relationships we have with the people in our environment. How we interact with people we cross day to day will impact our overall (w)holistic health. It’s all about energy and you want to keep it full of compassion and support to inspire growth, especially with yourself. The way you treat yourself paves the way for how you treat others. Feng shui your relationships like you feng shui your house! That doesn’t mean throw them away. Just means be honest with yourself and change the way you perceive your relationship while being mindful of when you are projecting. Check out Byron Katie “the work” for more on self inquiry practices.

Home Environment – home is where the heart is and we want that to be a peaceful harmonious place with all the objects, animate and inanimate that are in our homes/office. We already talked about relationships with ourselves and people. This is more about what’s in your home and the positioning of these objects like appliances, furniture, decor, types of aromatherapy used. What food is in your fridge and pantry, are your closets, drawers and cupboards in order. Is your home clean and organized? Are there any plants or animals? It happens that when you do cleaning on the inside it transmutes to the outside environment.

Career – first of all I would like to start off by saying –  love whatever you do, even if you are swiping groceries at Metro. Do it with care and you will be rewarded through mind, soul, body and environment. For our actions to have meaning they require care. Not everyone has the dream career but if one changes their intent and does their work with purpose(intent) they will only inspire holistic growth and wellness.

When these six life aspects are mindfully being looked after we are mindfully living a (w)holistic life.

I would love to hear from you and I offer complimentary 15 minute holistic lifestyle and health consulting.

Thank you for reading,

With love,

Katrina, NNCP,RHN.,CYT

Holistic Lifestyle Health Consultant

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