“We have been floating on a carpet this entire time and just like that, suddenly the carpet has been pulled right  from underneath us”. “Ouch, what a hard fall!”, she cried.


We are living in a time that is increasingly becoming more uncertain. We are uncertain about our positions, our careers, our children’s education. The future of our children, our future. The economic difficulties a lot of us are facing. The uncertainty of one’s health and one’s perception of their neighbor’s health status coupled with the possibility one is carrying a virus that could potentially kill you or other’s. This distrust also relates to ourselves and how we could potentially be carrying this virus. Being uncertain with internal and external distrust is double the negative impact it has on one’s mental, emotional, physical and energetic health!


We have found ways to stay connected and together but yet separated more now than ever. Notice the duality in this extreme energy shift.


The double paradox of trust and distrust has been making it difficult to navigate what information is true and what is false. So I am only left with what is most primal to me! What is most truthful to me. What resonates the best with me is to listen and only trust my gut. I must listen to the voice of reason and not the voice of fear! I must be open minded. I must trust my voice! And my voice is telling me something doesn’t feel right. So I will continue to ask questions that lead me to factual scientific unbiased answers on what, where, who, how and why the world halted, put us on hold and changed this old world forever. I send you all, strength, loving energy and encourage us all to trust our intuition, to meditate, to listen to frequency balancing music and connect deeply with who you really are, what you feel. We have been given an unfortunate opportunity to connect with ourselves, now more than ever. Just turn off the TV!


For every individual, justice to injustices presents and invokes a wide variety of personal drives with-in. Please have faith that there is, brave people fighting for us, fighting for the truth. And fighting to maintain our personal individual rights and


What goes up must come down, and what goes down must go up.
All this pain and suffering will mature into growth. And stronger shall we be!



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