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Sound/Voice Healing using VoiceBio ™ and Tone-A-longs

Your voice can do a lot more for you than simply communicate your thoughts and feelings to others. Your voice also communicates with the cells in your body. Your voice can literally help to heal your mind, body and soul energy as well as flagging up what may be causing your discomfort in the first place. The human voice is an amazing healing tool. And with Tone-A-longs to frequency music after a voiceprint shows you just how harmonious your voice resonates throughout your entire whole body.

Resonance and Frequencies

Every single thing in the known universe is in a constant state of motion, from the slow, ponderous journeys of the planets to the speed at which light travels. Each molecule and atom is always moving, always vibrating, and as it does so it emits a sound frequency.

One of the effects of this constant vibration is that all things are in communication, on some level, with each other. When it comes to the organs of the human body this frequency, or resonance, enables each part of the system to harmonize and work together with all of our other systems. When we add in the not inconsiderable effect of the frequencies emitted by our emotions, thoughts and feelings we can see that the complexity involved in maintaining optimum health within our minds, bodies and soul energy is quite extensive.

Unfortunately, prolonged stress placed on one aspect of our whole selves will inevitably lead to an imbalance, which in turn leads to warning signs, and, ultimately, much more severe challenges.

What Can We Do to Maintain Harmony?

Amazing though it may seem, the different parts of our bodies resonate at a measurable, discernible frequency, through which they attract the support and resources they need to maintain good health. For example, the liver vibrates to the note of G and the colon to the note of B. In total, there are 12 keynote frequencies present in our bodies. These keynotes correspond exactly to the frequencies found in music, and the voice is representative of all of them. Your “voice print” captures all 12 sound frequencies and, through the remarkable innovation known as VOICEBIO ™ frequencies can be captured to form a highly effective diagnostic tool.

As we all know, the first step towards correcting a problem of any kind is to ascertain exactly what that problem is. Through the application of the non-invasive techniques used in VOICEBIO ™, the strength, or weakness, of each of the 12 major frequencies can be measured. If a particular note, or frequency, registers an excess or a lack, an imbalance will occur, which we are then in a much better position to be able to address by supporting the lowest frequencies and providing frequency sound to Tone-A-Long to.

The Benefits

It will come as no surprise, given the information we have about the efficacy of measuring the human voiceprint in diagnosing causes, that the remedy often lies in the use of different sound frequencies to address any energetic imbalances that have been highlighted.

Sound therapy takes many forms, from tuning forks to gongs, and from singing bowls to the singing voice.

As an example, let us look at a diagnostic result of an excess of “hits” to the note of G. We know that this pertains to the liver, so the first thing we might want to consider is diet and alcohol consumption. A simple ultrasound scan may reveal undesirable physical changes to the structure of the organ, which can then be put right by the individual making healthy changes to their lifestyle.

However, the liver is also associated with the emotion of anger within the energetic body, at which point we may need to consider the individual’s mood, emotional and mental state in order to bring relief. Anger is often suppressed in humans, which can have a detrimental effect on both the individual concerned and on those around them. In this case, it may be that practicing a physical discipline, such as qigong or yoga will correct the imbalance and bring the body back into harmony with the emotions.

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